Press Releases

UKQSAR Newsletter Autumn 2020

The latest UKQSAR newsletter (authored by Susan Boyd of CompChem Solutions Ltd) can now be found online at Details of the virtual meeting on 15th October 202 can be found there, alongside some articles on Covid-19 resources for comp chemists and the new take on “Virtual Reality”….

Autumn 2020 UKQSAR Meeting

The Autumn 2020 UKQSAR meeting will now be a virtual event, on 15th October 2020. Registration is now open!

In Press: NCE patent applications with US partner

Two NCE patent applications are currently being filed by a US partner for discovery of new therapeutic agents, where Susan Boyd of CompChem Solutions will be a named inventor on the patents, having conducted extensive modelling to assist in the discovery of these agents. Watch this space for further details when they can be released!

New publication on PGK1/DJ1 for modulation of telomere homeostasis

Our work with CRUK scientists in London and Glasgow on development of a ligand which appears to interact with the PGK1/DJ1 complex and to therefore modulate metabolic stress-induced telomere homeostasis has recently been published.

CompChem Solutions Ltd teams up with Collaborative Drug Discovery

CompChem Solutions Ltd is delighted to have become an Advocate partner for Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD).   CDD offer a modern approach to research informatics, with their Vault application hosting a secure biological & chemical database platform which is simple to use and ideally positioned for use by small and large drug discovery teams alike.  Contact us for further information.