Med Chem Contacts

Many projects which benefit from the input of a computational chemist will also benefit from the advice of an experienced medicinal chemist.  Below is a list of consultant medicinal chemistry contacts who may be able to assist in such cases:

MAQU Chemistry Consulting

Martin Quibell has approximately 20 years of pre-clinical research leadership experience in UK pharmaceutical companies ranging from start-up (as founding scientist) to medium-sized (as senior group leader).  He brings an established track record of innovation with over 50 scientific publications and >30 patent applications, many of which are granted. ‘MAQU Chemistry Consulting’ can offer this knowledge as a service to advance drug discovery programmes through to key milestones and valuation points.

Martin’s areas of expertise include the following with examples of success:

  • Small molecule scaffold & library design
    • e.g. AMCoreTM scaffold, a novel template for the inhibition of cysteinyl proteases that has analogues in the clinic  (Quibell, M. et al, Bioorg. Med. Chem., 12(21), 5689, 2004)
  • Hit-to-lead, lead optimisation and candidate selection
    • e.g. at Amura Ltd, led LI -> LO campaigns with nomination of three candidates for GMP synthesis and regulatory safety assessment; At Shire Pharmaceuticals, led projects with nomination of two candidates into pre-clinical development
  • Project management & development
    • e.g. created internal & external expert networks to develop, refine and validate numerous project proposals with stakeholder buy-in from key functions
  • Intellectual property generation
    • e.g. drafting and prosecution of Amura Ltd’s IP portfolio for the AMCoreTM scaffold.
  • Business development activities
    • e.g. investor presentations, organization of CDA’s, MTA’s, licensing discussions, preparation of rNPVs

To make an enquiry please contact CompChem Solutions or email directly via


Awridian’s core competency is in early phase drug discovery, with CEO Duncan Judd having a proven 39 year track record in a major pharmaceutical company with extensive patents and publications in the area.

Drug discovery is a costly and risky business with 24:1 against odds of success from start to finish. However an understanding of the key issues such as ADME, physiochemical properties and the importance of target and compound tractability is critical in making good decisions.

In addition, Awridian Ltd has a unique understanding of the market place of discovery service outsourcing. This will ensure the best guidance on cost effective research from quality service providers from across the globe, giving your project the best chance of success in a cost effective and timely manner.

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