About Us


Based in Cambridge, we have a wealth of experience having worked successfully for or with a number of the leading biopharma companies including Pfizer, GSK, Sosei R&D and Takeda.

Our mission is to provide high quality computational chemistry and/or computational biology services on an hourly or daily basis so our clients avoid the cost of hiring staff or buying expensive annual software licenses.

Susan Sewell 11- bw cropWe operate as virtual members of our client’s project team delivering a responsive service in the same way as an employee.

Since being founded in 2004 by Dr Susan Boyd, CompChem Solutions has grown year on year. We have worked successfully with over forty organisations including charities, academic groups and drug discovery organisations.

We have added value by offering scientific expertise to clients’ projects flexibly, reliably and with professionalism.

Susan is an organic chemist by training, and has extensive experience in the application of chemoinformatics & molecular design tools to accelerate the drug discovery process, both for affinity prediction and for identification of potential ADMET issues. She sits on the Organising Committee of the UK QSAR and Chemoinformatics Group and helps to organise their bi-annual meetings.

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