Susan Boyd

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Susan has worked in the computational chemistry or chemoinformatics departments of Pfizer (Sandwich), Celltech (Cambridge) & Scynexis (Ongar, Essex). Prior to that she worked with Molecular Simulations Inc (now Accelrys) as Product Specialist for their library design tools.

An organic chemist by training, she has a wealth of experience in the application of chemoinformatics & molecular design tools to accelerate the drug discovery process, both for affinity prediction and for identification of potential ADMET issues.

Her experience spans:

  • Protein structure-based design
  • Pharmacophore modelling
  • Statistical data modelling (QSAR, neural nets, decision trees)
  • Library enumeration & design
  • Chemoinformatics/Data handling
  • Virtual screening (2D & 3D)
  • Training of chemists and computational chemists

Susan is also an active committee member of the UK-SAR and Informatics Group and a director of IOTA Pharmaceuticals Ltd. She publishes regularly on topics of interest to the drug discovery community.

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