Spring 2015 Newsletter

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the Spring 2015 Newsletter from CompChem Solutions Limited.

In this edition we focus on the emergence of epigenetics as a key area of research for many therapeutic endpoints and describe some of our fixed-fee services for epigenetics research, and there is a brief review of the recent Spring Meeting of the UK QSAR and Chemoinformatics Group in Leeds.  And of course, we cover some upcoming events and jobs which may be of interest to our readers.  Our new In Brief section is a short round-up of news items from CompChem Solutions.
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Winter 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the Winter 2015 Newsletter from CompChem Solutions Limited.

In this edition we suggest why hiring interim staff may be more useful to your business than you might think, we unveil our new training course offering, and we describe some innovative new software from Optibrium.  The Spring Meeting of the UK QSAR and Chemoinformatics Group is approaching fast, and it should be a good one.  Lastly we do our usual round up of events and jobs.
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Autumn 2014 Special Offer


For the remainder of this year, CompChem Solutions can offer a fixed-price, discounted rate for computational druggability assessment of new targets. The assessment will include:

  • Gene family classification
  • Sequence comparison, leading to identification of available homologous protein targets already reported as amenable to small molecule approaches
  • Sourcing of any known structural information on the target or its sequence homologues
  • Literature searches to establish previous research into the structure, function or activity pharmacophore of the target
  • Possible construction of a homology model and identification of potentially druggable sites (where appropriate)
  • Use of computational tools to predict likely druggability

Contact CompChem Solutions for prices and further information.

Autumn 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to the Autumn 2014 Newsletter from CompChem Solutions.

In this edition we shine a light on how changes to the funding landscape have presented new opportunities to fund early stage research, we present our Autumn Special Offer, and highlight new publications from CompChem Solutions.  We also report on how our new interim services have seen much interest and continue to grow, and we welcome two new associates.  Last but not least we do a round up of events and jobs.

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Summer 2014 Newsletter


Welcome to our Summer newsletter – we hope you are enjoying this glorious sunny weather!

In this edition we report on our extended collaboration with Cresset for clients where field-based approaches can benefit projects, including a roundup of their recent meeting in Cambridge. We look at how you can plan a successful outsourcing project for comp chem and how many companies are now taking advantage of the expanding interim market. And of course we include our usual sections on jobs and events, and make a call for new associates to join us.

We hope you find this newsletter informative and useful; if you have any feedback or ideas for future articles we would be delighted to hear from you.

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